Long Hair, Gulf Surf

It was the third day of a wind swell that hit the gulf coast early in April and finally the winds turned offshore! The surf was reeling like a freight train with fast chest-high nuggets pushing forward. This was the day, this was the time, with a very rare swell!

I grew up on the east coast in the Jacksonville area and was very used to having semi consistent surf. With many different surf breaks to choose from my friends and I knew the exact spots we wanted to travel to at a certain wind direction and tide. It was more of an adventure when trying to predict the weather and swell direction; and plenty of days to experiment at different breaks.

All that has changed once I moved to the west coast. St. Petersburg Beach is no doubt a beautiful place to live and there is plenty of things to do, but surfing is not one of them. I am so used to checking the surf report online that I always keep up with the changing weather patterns and potential shredding opportunities. Sites such as Gulfster and Swell Info has kept me sane as a gulf surfer now and I don’t where I would be without them.

With rare swells come rare moments to capture this on film and on April 10th, 2014 I decided to have a little bit of fun documenting one of my buddies in a short called Long Hair, Gulf Surf